We lost Samuel Okwaraji,On This Day In 1989 – NFF Honored The Fallen Hero

August 12 will forever be remembered as one of the darkest days in football history and especially in African and Nigerian history. On this day in 1989, 25-year-old Super Eagles player Samuel Okwaraji collapsed and died during a World Cup test against Angola at the Lagos National Stadium in Surulere, South Africa. State of Lagos.

When he collapsed in the 77th minute, a medical team quickly reached Okwaraji and quickly called an ambulance. The nearest one was parked on the other side of the field, but strangely it did not start. Four football players had to push the ambulance to start flying before it could come to his rescue. He was taken to hospital as the match drew to a close, with the referees not appearing to be aware of any incident other than the end of the match.

After being rushed to hospital, he was quickly pronounced dead. Maybe he even died in the field. Doctors later diagnosed him with heart failure, and an autopsy revealed an enlarged heart. Speculation is widespread that this is due to the warming of the atmosphere, but we will never know.

34 years later, as Nigerians continue to mourn the loss of Okwaraji, the Nigerian football league, the NFF took the liberty of remembering the former Roma youth midfielder in a statement released on social networks.

“OTD, in 1989 we lost our fiery midfielder Samuel Okwaraji who collapsed and died on the pitch while serving his country.

The tragic incident happened during a World Cup qualifier against Angola at Surulere National Stadium.

“Rest in peace, Sam.”

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