Unpatriotic, Vicious Nigerians Are Calling On The military to Downfall the Tinubu’s Govt

The Nigeria Defense Headquarters categorically cleared the air that some unpatriotic bad Nigerians are calling on the Armed Forces of Nigeria to change the constitutional order in the country.

However, the Defense Headquarters DHQ states that the army is happy and better under a democratic system of government, also the army will not get involved in any act to disappoint the constitutions or overthrow the Tinubu.

Nigerian army spokesmen made the statement following reports calling for the Nigerian army to interfere in the country’s democracy and divert it from carrying out its constitutional responsibilities.

Recall that the military made a similar statement during President Buhari’s administration. The Nigerian military will respect the democratic system of government. Bola Tinubu was elected President of Nigeria in 2023.

In addition, the Defense Headquarters DHQ said it will thwart any attempt by individuals or groups to incite Nigeria’s law-abiding armed forces to an unconstitutional change of government in the country. The army will be a commission in restoring peace in Nigeria’s 36 states.

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