Top 8 Players Who Faced Jose Mourinho’s Candid criticisms

Jose Mourinho’s management style is characterized by his willingness to speak his mind, especially when he thinks players deserve criticism. While some athletes respond positively to his candid feedback, others find it challenging. The Portuguese manager’s public approach is often aimed at deflecting responsibility from the players onto himself, motivating them to prove him wrong. Mourinho’s strategy is not for everyone; it is tailored to each player’s personality and possible reaction.

Let’s look at eight instances where Jose Mourinho openly criticized his own players on a global stage, highlighting the impact of his words.

1. Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba; A clash between Mourinho and Pogba ensued before the manager left Manchester United in 2018. Mourinho claimed that Pogba’s presence negatively affected team dynamics, while Pogba criticized the tactical approaches. This conflict eventually led to Mourinho leaving United and returning to Juventus.


Juan Mata; The surprise departure of Juan Mata from Chelsea raised eyebrows. Despite consecutive Player of the Year awards, his situation changed under Mourinho at Manchester United. Mata’s favored position was taken over by Oscar, and he faced challenges in adapting to the new manager’s style of play.


Sergio Ramos;Mourinho and Ramos were involved in public conflicts on several occasions. Mourinho believed public criticism would fuel Ramos’ competitive spirit, often focusing on specific match mistakes to motivate the Spanish defender.


Iker Casillas; Mourinho’s decision to bench Iker Casillas was aimed at improving performance. However, this put an irreparable strain on their relationship, leading to public criticism from both sides in the years that followed.



Eden Hazard;Challenges have marred Hazard’s stay in Madrid following his move from Chelsea in 2019. Mourinho openly criticized his training attitude and professionalism, contributing to a period of injuries and setbacks that disappointed players and fans alike.


Samuel Eto’o;Mourinho’s comments suggesting Eto’o had passed his prime during their time at Chelsea and Inter Milan led to the memorable ‘Old Man’ celebration after scoring a goal. Their relationship was marked by tension around this criticism


Luke Shaw;Mourinho’s tenure with Luke Shaw at Manchester United was marked by public criticism and personal conflict. The media highlighted Shaw’s mistakes and behavior, subjects of scrutiny both during and after Mourinho’s time at the club.


Anthony Martialis;Mourinho’s tenure at Manchester United seemed to involve dissatisfaction with the side. Martial, who disliked public comments about his “character flaws,” preferred private conversations on the matter. Analyzing these cases, it is clear that Mourinho’s criticism is not a simple motivational tool. The impact varies, with some players finding resilience in their words while others find difficulty.

The complex relationship between a manager’s public criticism and a player’s reaction highlights the intricacies of the dynamics between player and manager in the sporting world.

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