Spanish Female Football Players Join The Team After Deal

Most international football players from Spain have agreed to get back to the team, the government said on Wednesday, after a strike by the World Cup winners about the cessed former president of the Federation who kissed a player.

The announcement followed hours of negotiations on the requirements of the player for further changes to the Spanish Football Federation (RFF) after former President Luis Rubiales had resigned. And between the RFF and between the RFF and the Spanish government, State Secretary Victor Francos reported reporters, adding that two of the 23 players did not want to continue with the team. A total of 19 players from the new coach Montse Tome’s team had been in strike about changes they want to have made to the RFEF, who are concerned, they would not play in upcoming Nations League matches.

In the hours preceding the Treaty, international adversities met for training, even if they said they were incorrect, some said they were afraid to face punishment.

We have to come. But if they want to punish ourselves, we have to come, “said Blacelona Defe Leon.

When a journalist asked him when he arrived, the person who was focused on the group, Limboro Misa Rodriguez replied, “No”.

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Welcome Actors has announced a Saturday report to repeat their desires, yet they could influence the legal consequences that they saw being alive.

They had had to deal with possible fines of between 3,000 and 30,000 euros ($ 3,200 and $ 32,100), while they had also lost their licenses to play for up to five years. Secretary of the State for Sport Francos, who is also the president of Spain’s High Council for Sport (CSD), said that the two women who decided not to play would not have to deal with sanctions.
The scandal broke out of just a few moments after Spain won the World Cup on August 20, when President Rubiales midfielder Jenni Hermoso on his lips kissed the team when the team received the trophy.

In the end, he reduced three weeks after the accident and that dispute coaches, the complexity of cortudes, and many actors require more progress and make difficult changes.

Hermoso is mentioned in the group to “before, to protect”

That decision also turned out to be controversial. “Protect me against what? And from whom? “Hermoso posted on X on Tuesday.

She accused the RFEF of trying to ‘intimidate and threaten’ the world champions by calling them against their will for the coming games.

Francos initially said that he should apply the sports law of the country to every player who made the call.

However, he later made a U-turn on those comments and met the players on Tuesday evening to ask them to play and offer them government aid.

“You are going (to play) and we commit ourselves so that what you ask for may be,” Francos told Spanish public television.

Spain faces Sweden on September 22 and Switzerland on 26 September in the Nations League.

The final finalists of the Nations League are eligible for the 2024 Olympic Games.

– “We support them” –
Spanish players were supported by their Swedish counterparts.

“They must feel the support around them that other countries support them in the decisions they make,” said the midfielder Filippa Angeldahl of the Sweden. “If they feel that they have to boycott to make something happen, it is clear that we support them.”

Goalkeeper Hedvig Lindahl wrote on X: “I don’t want to be part of encouraging people to boost a football dream if the game will not protect them while it does.”

Spain is planning to fly to Sweden on Thursday morning for their competition in Gothenburg on Friday.

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