Prohibition of illegal miners: States suppress us man cries to Tinubu

Abuja – The pinnacle of miners in Nigeria, Miners Association of Nigeria, man, cried out to President Bola Tinubu on Wednesday about the alleged oppression of members by state governments on the ban on mining activities.

The national president, man, ‘parts of Ayanleke, spoke to Vanguard about the actions of state governments by prohibiting mining activities in their states, and the dimension that the state governments recently accepted to emphasize miners under the guise of the ban on illegal miners.

The loss of the people did not give up the states for appropriate convictions and identification of non-risks.

According to it, even the heads of associations do not resolve, simply hearing and prohibited activity.

However, the association has called on the Ministry of Solid Minerals to step into the matter and also order state governments.

The association also pointed out that issues regarding the exploitation of fixed minerals are on the exclusive legislative list of the Constitution, and that they have expressed concern about the silence of the Alake-led Ministry of Solid Mineral Development, as state governments continue to continue to to ban mining activities in their domain.

He said: ‘Absolutely no, we as Nigeria Miners’ Association have never been contacted by these state governments that prohibit mining activities in their states.

‘Not even our heads of state were requested at all. They only hear ban on illegal miners and the rest of other allegations.

“It really is not fair and it is worrying to see that state governments act in this way without consulting us or verifying or identifying legal and illegal miners.”He said that 1,61111 people to take Involved in Accidents Within  the Period of Being Review. 102 Minor Acident cases and 158 Serious Cases.

“The actions of the state government indicate that the regulation of the solid mineral sector is no longer under the exclusive legislative list.”

However, the boss of the miners said that his association with the state governments could participate in the ban.

“We can with the state governments a ceasefire on behalf of any of our affected members,” said. up to the root of all the challenges that militate against the growth of the sector. ”

However, he added that “our Clarion calls made the authority in question and expect reactions or reactions.”

75 Dies In Lagos Road Crashes Over 8 Months – FRSC

Lagos Command, the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), says that no less than 75 people have lost their lives in road traffic accidents (RTCs) in the state between January and August.

Mr. Babatunde Farinloye, commander of the state sector, Frsc, told Nigeria’s news agency in Lagos on Wednesday. He said that 1,61111 people to take Involved in Accidents Within the Period of the Period of Being Review. 102 Minor Acident cases and 158 Serious Cases.

He said the assignment deployed 324 staff members to his checkpoints to ensure safety for the past eight months.

He added that the assignment recorded 53,564 offenses, with 44,269 offenders within the period.

The sector commander emphasized the need for both motorists and pedestrians to achieve a safety culture, with a view to bringing off the deadly index in RTCs.

“Motorists claim that the evil features of these months are figures of the imagination of everything that belongs to that school of thought.

‘Nothing differs between the months of January to August, and this so-called EMBER months as the changes in our consciousness and attitude about safety.

“Only that socio -economic, cultural and religious commitments increase, leading to an increase in vehicle movement and carefree attitudes.” Thus, the FRSC’s concern brings the rate of RTCs at all times.

“Measures advocated by the corps include sensitization of motorists through advocacy at the parks, public places, churches, mosques, etc.

“he also knows about the state of the car of free, an analysis of Corps, free cars and ports, the sailors offer it.

“The regulation of naval operations through standardization scheme for the safety of road transport, and daily monitoring and supervision of the highways by the patrol teams of the corps,” Farinleye said.

He said campaign 2023 for storage for the rainy season and the article: “Collection quickly, is killing, infections and avoid lifting up.”

The department says that the campaign will enter the state in the whole country, adding the drivers to have the responsibility to replace the order and see their car regularly.

He said they would not receive or call calls if they were driving or participating in any other form of misconduct, nor enjoying faster or drunken driving.

He assured that the state would see a robust traffic monitoring and management with the injection of additional logistics for the commando operations by its management.

The sector commander emphasized that all hands must be on the deck by all stakeholders to ensure that there is an accident.

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