Governor of Cross River nominated but not selected by Tinubu

Former Atiku/Okowa campaign spokesman, Daniel Bwala, said President Bola Tinubu dropped Cross River Governor Ben Ayade from among his ministerial nominees. He said in an interview with Arise TV that it sends a strong message that the president can make independent decisions. However, he said Asiwaju must ensure that he brings young men and women into power to prepare for the next generation.

He said: “I will hold President Bola Tinubu accountable if he does not use the opportunity God gave him. I will give you a contrasting example to explain why Bola Tinubu has all the privileges and opportunities to bring youths and women to power.

The governor of Cross Rivers nominated himself but was not selected by Tinubu. And there were two ministers taken by the state. And that obviously suggests that there can be a minister and a regional minister for that country. So if Bola Tinubu can do that, it means he has the ability to choose whoever he wants wherever he chooses to read.

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