What To Know Prior To The UEFA Champions League 2023/2024 -campaign

The UEFA Champions League season 2023–24 will be the 68th since its foundation and the 31st because it was renamed. To replace the usual round Robin, which will start next season.

However, here are some things to know for the campaign.

Messi and Ronaldo’s absence

The 2023-2024 campaign will be the first campaign in 18 years that will be played without Messi or Ronaldo. It will not be currently since 2004. Messi and Ronaldo are currently inspiring their teams for victories in Inter Miami and AL -Nassr, respectively.

Spanish dominance

The UEFA Champions League trophy has been a “Spanish thing” since its foundation. Real Madrid and Barcelona win trophy expected 18 times, that Madrid sought 13 and win barcelona in one. However, there are only 15 in the United Kingdom: Leverpool and 6, the chelsaea and nottin to each of the ATU Villa.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s safe record
Cristiano Ronaldo has scored the most goals in the history of the UEFA Champions League with 140 goals, and it looks safe. Of the current players participating this season, only Roberto Lewandowski comes in the area with 91 goals.

Champions League wins

Toni Kroos, Luka Modric, Casemiro, Sergio Ramos, Nacho Fernadez and Daniel Carvajal are the only players in the competition who have won the Champions League five times.

Thomas Muller’s cap

This season’s UCL sees Bayern Munchen’s Thomas Muller as the only active player with the most UCL performances. This is possible because of the absence of Ronalo, Casillas, Messia, Benzema and Xavi. The Germany is also in active actors after you, such as Sergikio Ramos and Tot Kros.

Real Madrid’s Longevity

The qualification of Real Madrid for the UCL campaign 2023/2024 extends their highest influence at the peak of the most covered team in the history of the campaign. This is their 42nd appearance and is followed by people like Benfica (40), Ajax (36), Dynamo Kiev (35), Juventus (32), Bayern Munchen (35), other law (30), Celtic (29), Olympiacos and Crvena (27), Barcelona and Galatasaray (26). Debut -Meetings
This year there will be many debut meetings in the competition. Some of these will be 1 group matches in the day: Newcastle vs AC Milan, Barcelona vs Royal Antwerp, Salzburg vs Benfica, SC Braga vs Napoli, Sevilla vs Rens, Young Boys vs Leipzig and Manchester City vs Crvena Zverda.

Missing clubs

Unfortunately, a few “big” clubs miss the competition after many lucrative years. In England, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham did not make it here. In Italy, Juventus dropped out after a miserable campaign. Others are Roma and Villarreal, who have enjoyed a number of big moments but are missing.

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