Tinubu Want Close To NASDAQ In US

President Bola Tinubu honored the invitation of the Automatic Dealers of Securities Dealers (Nasdaq) on Wednesday, to ring his closing bell at the biggest World WORLD grant in New York, in the United States of America.

This has been in favor of the president’s determination to attract foreign direct investment to the country aggressively.

Tinubu’s ringtone in Nasdaq made its first African leader to do so in the second largest stock market in the world.

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According to the press release, “It’s a great honor for me to be here. I am happy to bring Nigeria to your doors and I am honored that we are here today with a Bouillonnant Nigerian stock market which will evolve in the West African sub-region. The greatest economy in Africa is Nigeria, there is a huge opportunity in Nigeria where you can invest your money without fear. »»

The President said that his government has been setting problem and restrictions, such as his exchange rate in the country. at any time.

“You are free to take your money and bring out your money. I count on you to invest in Nigeria,” exclaimed the president under the lights.

In the United Nigeria-Setates. The quality of the environment at the end of the creative power, he recognized the workers and planned to make the heart heart, money, processing and budget.

“Nigeria is an opportunity that is impossible to reproduce or find elsewhere in any part of the world. We have brilliant young people who innovate and consume on a large scale. Our business spirit is an important part of what makes our market completely unique, apart from demography. Nigerians create Nigerian companies and companies associate with other companies to lead larger companies. There is enough value to spread. Pay attention to what you hear about Nigeria. You could be dissuaded from a major opportunity that others will seize. We are here for you. We will give you all the support you need to succeed and succeed abundantly, ”assured the president at the round table, stressing the cabinet officials. A few hours a few hours of arriving in New York in Lagos, Nigeria, where he was on an official visit which later became an investigation mission.

“In Lagos, I saw some of the main reforms that you have implemented as a governor of Lagos and the transformative effect it had on the commercial capital of Nigeria. People have attested that the reforms you have implemented as president quickly strengthen confidence. American Business pays attention to this and what we have seen for ourselves, Nigeria turns out to be a new border for investment. We will encourage our businesses on our side while these reforms continue to deepen, “said Adeyemo.

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