Tinubu Encourages Nigerians To Bear The Hardships Of Withdrawing Aid For A Bright Future

President Bola Tinubu, represented by Federation Government Secretary George Akume, urged Nigerians to bear the hardships resulting from the withdrawal of fuel subsidies, stressing that it is a commendable sacrifice for a better future.

Frank the biography of veteran Edwin Clark, held in Abuja, the President stressed the importance of unity and called on traditional leaders and politicians to work together for a strong and united nation.

He stressed the need for concerted efforts to harness Nigeria’s diversity for the country’s unity and progress.

In his words: “We are more when we are identified as Nigerians than when we are identified as a tribe.

“This country is structurally complex and structurally difficult, but it cannot be difficult to manage.

“Our diversity, our diversity of culture, language, and religion, is the source of our strength.

“Since we joined, we have demonstrated enough to manage this difference by appointing people, citizens to key positions, strategic positions,” Tinubu said.

Tinubu Approves The Creation Of The CNG Presidential Initiative

President Bola Tinubu has signed off on the establishment of the Presidential Compressed Natural Gas Initiative (PCNGI) to further his commitment to reduce the impact of fuel subsidies on Nigerians by reducing energy bills.

According to a statement from the Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Ajuri Ngelale, the transformation initiative is ready to change the transportation landscape in the country, aiming to deliver more than 11,500 new CNG-powered vehicles and vehicles 55,000 CNG conversion kits for existing PMS-dependent vehicles. , while strengthening national production, regional assembly, and job creation in accordance with the President’s directive.

He explained that the initiative, which includes a complete adoption process, will include: the Empowerment Workshops Program with a nationwide network of workshops, community gatherings, and job creation as key focuses, with a primary focus on multiple modes of transportation and student station to be significantly reduced. transit money for residents in the short term.

In addition, in line with PCNGI’s commitment to ensure seamless integration of the CNG utility into the current intermediate and downstream energy value chain to support its sustainability, PCNGI will offer workshops in all geopolitical regions and facilitate states with the necessary facilities and comprehensive training for new staff. , creating new opportunities for the development of technical skills and job opportunities for Nigerians. A new network of nationwide workshops, which will be established by the initiative, will ensure widespread access and demand-side use of CNG and CNG-related technology.

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