VP Shettima and Bill Gates meet with Governors in Aso Rock

VP Shettima and Bill Gates meet with Governors in Aso Rock



On Thursday, state governors were greeted at the presidential palace in Abuja by Vice President Kashim Shettima, Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Aliko Dangote, chairman of the Dangote Foundation.

The conference was a part of the Gates Foundation’s commitment to collaborating closely with local leaders and communities to foster innovation that might hasten development and enhance the quality of life throughout Africa.

As part of a program to learn from partners tackling polio, anaemia, and other health threats, scientists using research to develop agricultural innovations that will help with food security and climate adaptation, innovators using technology to improve access to financial services, and others working to improve lives in Niger and Nigeria as well as throughout the continent, the American billionaire entrepreneur met with President Bola Tinubu on Monday.

Despite the difficult economic conditions, Gates and his group were also supposed to meet with national and regional leaders to encourage them to pursue policies that support innovation and ensure equal opportunity.

He was also anticipated to participate in discussions with students and young leaders to learn more about how science and innovation can hasten positive change and contribute to a more promising future for Africa.

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