Players Not Allowed To Use Mikel Arteta To Start Against Crystal Palace

To increase Arsenal’s chances of success against Crystal Palace, Mikel Arteta should consider refraining from starting certain players who have shown underperformance recently.

Kai Havertz’s mediocre performance against Nottingham Forest is a possible indication of his current form. If he fails to find his rhythm, a start against Crystal Palace could jeopardize Arsenal’s attacking power. Arteta could choose to rest Havertz and pick a player more likely to create scoring opportunities and contribute effectively to the team’s offensive efforts.

Ben White’s recent performance as a defender against Nottingham Forest may not have been up to the mark. Given the defensive challenges Crystal Palace could present, Arteta could consider benching White in favor of a defender who can better deal with the opposition’s attacking threats and maintain defensive stability.

Similarly, Jurrien Timber’s performance as a defender against Nottingham Forest left room for improvement. With Crystal Palace likely to exploit defensive vulnerabilities, Arteta could choose to rest Timber and opt for a more seasoned defender who can handle the pressure of a Premier League game.

These potential decisions by Arteta reflect his commitment to optimizing Arsenal’s performance against Crystal Palace. The goal is not to undermine the players’ skills, but rather to create a lineup that can adapt to the opponent’s specific challenges. By making such strategic choices, Arteta aims to increase Arsenal’s chances of a favorable outcome in the upcoming match.

Roy Hodgson sympathizes with Arsenal

Crystal Palace manager Roy Hodgson has said he has a lot of sympathy for Arsenal.

That’s because the Gunners narrowly missed out on the league title to Manchester City last season.

Hodgson also said he was impressed by what Mikel Arteta did at Arsenal. Crystal Palace welcome Arsenal to Selhurst in the Premier League on Monday night.

Manchester City came from behind to win the title, although Arsenal have been top of the league for much of last season.

Hodgson says he has nothing but sympathy for Mikel Arteta and his team.

“I have high praise for the job he did at Arsenal,” Hodgson told reporters ahead of this weekend’s games.

“I think they were better in every way last season.

“I’m very grateful to go there and do well and the machine is difficult for me, Manchester City, which is also a great football club.

“It must have been a sad occasion…”

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