Nigerians Should Not Feel Comfortable With The Way The Natives Of Abuja Have Been Marginalized – Y. Ahmadu.

Yunusa Ahmadu, senior special assistant to the president of AMAC on indigenous people of the FCT, came out to say that the time has come for the country’s president to take action on the marginalization of indigenous people in Abuja.

According to Ahmadu, who appeared in an interview on AIT morning show Kakaaki, FCT people were barred and denied the right to participate in state affairs, unlike the other 36 states. He also went on to note that in the past, when Lagos state was the federal capital of Nigeria, it had its own political and administrative system.

In his own words seen on AIT this morning…

“I don’t know how best to describe it, but it is very unfair what has been done to the people of FCT, the kind of marginalization, deprivation and exclusion in the business model. I don’t know if this can happen anywhere else.Even when Lagos was the federal capital , still had its own political-administrative system, but not here in Abuja.

“We don’t have a governor, a House of Assembly and the National Assembly makes the laws for us locally. Nigerians shouldn’t feel comfortable with how FCT natives have been marginalized.”

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