Minister of Sport greeted Amusan, Bruume on The Success of Diamond League

Senator John Owan-enoh, Minister of Sports Development, has congratulated Tobi Amusan and Ese BrueMe on their excellent performances in the Diamond League 2023 in Oregon, USA

Amusan won the 100m ladies’ obstacles in 12.33S on Sunday to keep her Diamond League title. Owen-enoh on Monday stated that the victory was a wonderful way for Amusan to settle an athletic season that brought joy, tears and kosebumps. Her determination and mental power was worth striving.

“I add millions of Nigerians worldwide to congratulate Tobi Amusan for a deserved victory in the Diamond League.

“The victory is one that will restore her self -confidence after the difficult test she has undergone this year.

“Although she lost the title of the world championship, she won our hearts in Budapest. I am happy that she is able to overcome all the challenges to defend her crown for the third consecutive time.

“At Tobi and other Nigerian athletes I insist to think about this season, to cheer themselves for their hard work and look at the Paris Olympic Games,” he said.

Amusan emerged on Sunday as only the second woman in the history of the Diamond League to conquer three 100m hurdles in a row, similar to the record of Dawn Nelson-Harper.

Brute comes near the league level or jo 6.85 million, as Ivana Vlooka, who defeated gold.

“Ese Brue has made us proud time and time again. From the Olympic Games to the Commonwealth Games to Diamond Competitions, she has consistently arranged under the top athletes in her sport, worldwide.

“Although it is disappointing that she has closely missed the title of Diamond League, I want to say that the country remains proud of its performance.

“I am sure she will bounce back and take her rightful place.

Derby Lightmare was set for fortash for Newcastle Clash, Pole Milan

Stefano Pioli stood on Monday that AC Milan has transferred their attention to the Champions League opener with Newcastle United after local derby -verteeding at the weekend.

Seven Sermeruld Senses in Ammmerfered 5-1 in Satime by Military Socialians, awesome defeat, which creates three new victories you say in three victory. It’s the fifth report in many Milan Derby in 2023, which succeed average of 12-1 on those competitions, including the semi-final of last season’s Champions League. We had a lot of confidence and positivity for the derby, but it was not going well, it makes no sense to hide it, “Pioli told reporters.

“It was a big disappointment, but we have the Champions League and that’s good because it’s the only way to switch.

“These defeats in the derby hurt … I would give everything to change them, but unfortunately they went how they went.”

Milan is signed at the tough side that also in Borusia Dortmund and the Beginning of the Arabia with the sauastle Stetstle by Sauger Summarle by Saturday Attention to Saturday.

“I know I have a good team, this group of players will be a very difficult derby,” said Pioli.

“I owe a debt to the fans, because last year when we struggled, when we played very badly, they stayed behind us.”

“It will be emotional. Sandro is a great player and was important for us to get where we are now, “said Pioli.

“We won together and we have grown together, and it will be emotional for him to return to the San Siro. We wish him the very best – of the next competition. ”

Milan is currently third in the Serie A, three points behind Inter and one of Juventus.

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