Ikay Gundogan Could leave Barcelona Without Playing A Match

The 2023/24 Spanish La Liga season is about to start and Barcelona is looking forward to a successful season. The club has made several new signings during this transfer window and also confirmed the signings of some key players in the transfer market. However, it seems that some of Barcelona’s new players are facing a fate with time for their contracts with Barcelona.

New signing Ikay Gundogan is one of the players whose contract could be affected by development if Barcelona does not do what is necessary before August 13. According to reports via Forbes, Ikay Gundogan has a clause in his contract allowing him to leave Barcelona if he remains unregistered by August 13. Ikay Gundogan, who switched from Manchester City to the Catalan giants this summer, is now in a race against time. be fully registered as a Barcelona player before the start of the new season. While Barcelona are sure there is time to sign their new players, there is not enough time as the new La Liga season is fast approaching.

However, G√ľndogan has been involved in the club’s pre-season fixtures as preparations for the new 2023/24 season continue. Unfortunately, he is not yet an integral part of the Barcelona team as he is not registered. Although there won’t be too much pressure on Barcelona as all new signings are already underway before the start of the season.

In addition, if Ikay Gundogan’s contract is not resolved and the player is not registered by the club before the start of the season, the German midfielder could end his contract with his new club and leave without playing a single league game for the Catalans.

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