Fix Naira, end of corruption to unlock Nigeria’s success – Adeyemo of US Treasury tells Tinubu

The US Deputy Minister of Finance, Wally Adeyemo, advised on Monday by President Bola Tinubu -led government to stabilize Naira and combat corruption to unlock Nigeria’s potential.

Adeyemo who is in Lagos to improve the economic ties of American Nigeria, praised Tinubu for the pursuit of difficult and daring reforms and the aforementioned steps needed for the type of growth that Nigeria needs to create economic opportunities for Nigerian people.

“Your economic success is not only important for the approximately 200 million people who call Nigeria at home, it is important for the region, the continent and the world economy,” Adeyemo said in a speech to the Lagos Business School. The visit by Adeyemo, the highest member of the African diaspora in the Biden administration, comes after visiting the continent by other top officials, including Minister of Finance Janet Yellen and vice-president Kamala Harris.

“First, Nigeria needs a stable Naira. Uniting the exchange rate of Nigeria will also create the type of macro -economic stability that is essential to attract foreign investments, “he said.

“We praise the difficult steps that your government has already taken to achieve this goal. The path to unification is not easy, as everyone experiences, but going backwards would be even worse.

“Secondly, the government must articulate and implement a credible tax strategy that will offer the means to make critical investments.

“I acknowledge that the decision to end the fuel subsidies is difficult for many Nigerian households. But it was an important early step to create resources that the government can use to invest in physical and digital infrastructure, education and a strong environment for small companies.

“There is nowhere that this need is greater than the agricultural industry, which, despite the digital revolution in Nigeria, remains the best employer of Nigeria.

“The full potential is of course stopped by problems such as access to fertilizers, limited use of new technology, access to water and country and the availability of credit and high market invoices.”

Adeyemo also called for steps to strengthen the integrity of the banks of the Nigeria and to reduce the ability of “criminals, terrorists and others” to launder money through the Nigerian financial system. Washington is ready to help Tinubu’s government tackle challenges in this area, he added. “The chance has never been that big,” he said. “Your government strives for difficult and daring reforms. The United States is looking forward to being a partner while building an economy that works for all Nigerians. ”

NLC to FG: You Are To Meet Our Requirements On Friday

The Nigeria Labor Congress, NLC, said yesterday that the federal government has met its requirements or risk a new round of industrial unrest until Friday. This came when the government argued for more time to tackle grievances from the workers’ movement. The meeting between the Ministry of Labor and Employment and NLC resumed that leadership of the workers’ movement categorically told the government that no one could accuse the government to give more than enough time to meet its requirements.

Some of the requirements include the wage price, tax exemptions and reimbursements for employees in the public sector, reducing the costs of governance, offering compressed natural gas, CNG, buses, release of modalities for N70 billion for small and medium -sized companies, SMEs, release From officials of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, NurtTw, by the police and vacation of the occupation of invaders supported by the police, among other things.

One of the Leaders of NLC during the meeting announced Vanguard, among others, President of NLC, Joe Ajaero, pointed out that the 21-day Ultimatum would end within a few days and hoped that the government met the requirements of the Union for that.

“Exactly, our 21-day Ultimatum will expire next Friday, September 22. Remember that we spent the Ultimatum on September 1, 2023. So, Camernadaad Ajaero has made it clear that the government has until Friday to tackle our requirements or tackle or Risk a new round of industrial unrest.

‘He quoted the National Union of Road Transport Workers, NurtTW, Quagmire and asked that the police and the federal government are being called to do the Union.

“The problem of NurtTw lies within the goal of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Employment, FMLE, that the Ministry can immediately resolve.

“During the closed door meeting, after the break, when the Minister of Labor, Simon Lalong, who initiated the meeting, called on NLC to give the government more time to meet our requirements, Ajaero replied that no one can accuse the congress of Not giving the government reasonable time because we have given the government more than enough time to act.

‘It is not fair to ask us to give the government a reasonable period in which we have already done that. He insisted on the minister to accelerate action within the remaining days of the Ultimatum. ‘He announced the minister that it is impossible for the congress to leave the meeting without achieving any of our objectives. We will not tell Nigerians that we have to give the government reasonable time.

‘It is therefore up to the government to meet our requirements before Friday. After Friday, NLC will take any industrial action that considers it suitable to respond to the question of that time, “said the source.

Previously, Minister of Labor, Simon Lalong, has said the Federal government in promise to resist the emotions of NLC.

Lalang, who flaked by Minister of Strange Births, Nkaliks on the Safety and Good for Employees and Understanding and Understanding, you say, you say that the effort is We make activities. To solve tothering problems.

In an interview with news people after the meeting, Ajaero complained the lack of trust between the government and the NLC.

He said: “The strike is an effect of a policy that has no human face. There was no strike before removing fuel subsidy. It was the government that said for palliatives, ask for wages and we asked for it. That warning strike was one Product of frustration, so far.

“There is the issue of CNG, refineries working, wage price and cash transfer. Of all these similarities, not even one has been tackled by the government and you want us to meet each other every day.

“Some of our existence have long been and our task is not to strike, but when you enter into an agreement, that agreement must be executed. Before the warning strike we have raised the problems of palliatives and wage price and the NurtTw.

“Nobody who earns N30,000 or N60,000 buys a week of fuel. We have to find solutions for all these problems and we have articulated them. Every time we are ready, they ask for time.

“They asked for eight weeks, we gave them. They asked for four weeks, we gave them. We do not know what to tell our colleagues or members again. ”

For his part, the Minister of Labor, Simon Lalong, said that the government is committed to tackling all the worries of the NLC in a just and fair way.

However, he said that the government must be aware of finding a balance that the economic

MEM AT Addressing Recent Labor Crisis and Nurturing of Economic Advancement in The Country. “In recent months, our country has witnessed teething challenges, Marked by Industrial Actions and Unrest That Have Advertise Affected the Economy.

“I APPAR BEFORE YOU TODAY NOT Just as a Representative of the Government, But As An Advocate for Constructive Dialogue, Aspiring to Understand Your Conerns and Working Hand In Hand To Find Lasting Solutions That Benefit All Nigerians,” He Added.

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