Electricity Supply Crashes 97% to 88 MW While The Net collapses

Houses and companies remained again without a public power supply yesterday, because the National Power Grid fell by 97.1 percent of 3,152.7 MW at 11 am to 88 MW at noon.
Data from the National System Operator, NSO, showed that the transmission company of Nigeria, TCN, was still stroking to restore the schedule as the offer rose to 246 MW with Afam VI (1.6 MW), Ibom Power (70MW), Olorunsogo Plant (58.6 MW), Omotosho plant (67.9 MW) and Trans-Amadi (47.7 MW), the plants on the grid. This is the third collision of the schedule in less than a week after 421 days of stability.

“What happens to the grid is unusual. It borders sabotage and intentional attempt to discredit the government’s effort to improve the power supply ”, the source that refused to be added.

Two days ago, the director, TCN, Enggr. Sule Abdulaziz had revealed that confirming damaged equipment to the Birnin Kebi transmission station would cost around $ 4 million. Speaking shortly after inspecting the damage caused by the fire outbreak, Engr. Abdulaziz revealed that TCN ingieurs worked to identify what caused the fire outbreak.

Speaking with vanguard Mr Ademboo Adegbemle said, the Ballitive Power declares these violent times we have insisted.“There is also the need for the spinning reserve that no one was able to solve, I expected that the new minister of power would have started commitments with important stakeholders in generation, transmission, distribution and especially consumers who pay for the inefficiencies In the energy sector, so that we can have policy that will work in the interest of the nation, “he added.

Tajbank, CEO Win World Islamic Banking Awards 2023

As a recognition for the more rising brand reputation because of its world-class services, both locally and internationally, Tajbank Limited, the fastest growing non-acting banking provider of Nigeria, has won the Global Islamic Finance Award (GIFA) 2023 for its best Sukuk deal of the year 2023 ‘.

This is like CEO / who established Bank, Mr. Hamid Joda, gifts of years to offer promises that the other world leaders and the world who beat people. Over the years, Gifa has recognized more than 500 governments, individuals and institutions and praised their important contributions to the Islamic financial industry of the USD 4 trillion.

In his comments, the CEO of the bank thanked the GIFA leadership for global recognition and said: “We are very grateful to the price organizers for the recognition of the bank and my modest self for the GIFA 2023.

“These prices and various others that Tajbank had received in the past three years will encourage us to make more to exceeding the expectations of our growing customers in terms of quality products and services Delivery for invaluable value-addition to them and their companies “, Joda, Joda insured.

Also comments on the GIFA 2023 Awards, Mr. Sherif Idi, the non-interestediener, Mr. Sherif Idi, also thanked the customers for their increasing trust in Tajbank to offer them superior products and services with, in some cases, personalized touch to confirm them that our only interest is the customers. ”

It is recalled that the list of the N10 billion Sukuk -Bond of Tajbank on February 13 of this year at the Nigerian Exchange Group (NGX) had unprecedented support of investors, with more than 30% of excess. Joda had formalized the list of bonds in the stock market when reaching the GONG ‘, the subscribers insured to the debt instrument are invaluable benefits, in particular the potential of good yields of their investments.

The Gifa chairman, professor Humayon Dar, praised the winners for their hard work, perseverance and innovative strategies to still be able to make gigantic progress, even in the economy in which they work.

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