ARS 2-1 NOT: Kai Havertz’s Performance Today Shows Why He Won’t Fit In The Arsenal Squad

Arsenal kicked off their Premier League campaign today with a narrow victory over Nottingham Forest.

Eddie Nketiah put Arsenal ahead with an excellent assist from Gabriel Martinelli. Saka started the new season with excellent scoring form for Arsenal with two goals.

Both teams started the second half strongly, with both teams creating valuable chances but not converting them. Nottingham Forest responded with a goal from their defender at the back and a swift attack.

Kai Havertz’s activity today was less where he didn’t help the team in any great way, with a lack of coverage against the opposition and the few chances he created in the 90 minutes he played. He just showed up in the closing moments of the game and glared at everyone and put himself in a great position to shoot, but he defended well.

Still, the game is pretty good. Arsenal fans couldn’t complain as they took three points.

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